The Supersports Laguna Phuket Marathon 2021 edition launches HYBRID RACE for Real-Time Remote Racing!


The Supersports Laguna Phuket Marathon 2021 edition is the first event in Thailand to launch a “Hybrid Race”. This exciting new concept combines a virtual and actual race at the same time using real-time remote racing at the event! Integrating a hybrid race with the actual event allows remote participants (both domestic and international runners) to ‘virtually join’ the actual race on race days from anywhere around the world using the ‘Sportstats tracker app’. Remote runners will also be ranked in the results with the runners at the actual race.


The highlight of joining our hybrid race is the “interactive dual map tracking” on the app. One map is the “event map” (the fixed course map of the event), and the other one is the “runners map” (the GPS-tracked course map of a remote runner). While a remote runner is running, both maps will display the runner’s live progress in the actual race (by simply switching between 2 buttons). Athletes and spectators see the race live on the athlete’s actual course and virtually on the event course at the same time. The “runners map” can be replayed and shared!


For example, Henrik, a remote runner, signed up for a 5k race taking place in Iceland. Henrik did the 5k run in Sweden, using the app on his phone. Once he completed his 5k, even if he ran longer, the app will stop and mark his finish time at the 5k point. His results will be instantly available together with all the other finishers (both remote and onsite runners) in the same race, based on his 5k time.


Hybrid Race participants will receive the same race pack as runners at the actual event including a race singlet, a drawstring bag, a finisher medal, and a finisher shirt (note: finisher shirts are only awarded to Marathon and Half Marathon runners).


  • After signing up, participants will receive an email during the race week with a magic link to log into the app and claim their profile.
  • Participants press START and run on race days at the scheduled race time (ICT time zone – UTC/GMT +7 hours). The GPS data from the runner’s phone is streamed live to the Sportstats tracker platform.
  • Participants can share their live tracking/results link, selfie images, and finisher badges.
  • Participants and spectators can enjoy a map flyover replay after the race.


  • Please note that the above rates exclude 8.7% handling fee.
  • Entry is non-refundable.
  • Entry is non-transferable to another competitor.
  • Entry is non-transferable to next year’s competition.
  • Online registration will close on 5 June 2022 (23:59 h, UTC+7).
  • The race pack shipping fee within Thailand is included in the entry fee.
  • An additional race pack shipping fee is added on top of the entry fee for overseas addresses.
  • Registration within 22 May 2022 will receive the race pack before race days. (Race packs will start sending out from 23 May 2022)
  • Registration after 22 May 2022 will receive the race pack after race days. (Race packs will start sending out from 16 Jun 2022)